Thursday, 4 April 2013

Primark Shoe Haul

*It will be Spring soon, It will be Spring soon, It will be Spring soon*

If we keep wishing for it, it'll happen right?? I'm not so sure either. BUT - in the interest of being prepared for when the milder weather finally gets here, I've been down to Primark to stock up some new inappropriate-for-snow shoes.

First up are these simple black pumps with silver 'hardware' capping the toe. I've seen loads of shoes with this type of design on the high street at the moment but annoyingly haven't managed to find any that were remotely comfortable. These are made from a sturdy yet soft material that just suited my feet a lot more. Plus, they were on offer for £5. Can't really say no to that.

Next are these lovely tan flats. I've pretty much lived in boots in this colour for the last 6 months and just love it. I feel like it goes with a lot and is great for when you're wearing a smart outfit but don't want to pair it with the harshness of black.

Finally are my favourites - these bright coral pumps. I think these will be great to add some colour to any Spring or Summer outfit and, until the weather arrives for those outfits, I'm enjoying them bringing a bit of sunshine to my wardrobe! 

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