Thursday, 21 March 2013

Davina McCall - My Fitness Queen

Davina McCall Fitness DVDs

Now, I'm in no way a fitness-fanatic or health-freak, but I do try and eat well and work out on a (semi) regular basis. On the exercise side of things, for the last few years I've relied pretty much completely on fitness DVDs - I've never really been able to commit to going to the gym, and I just don't find running etc very fun.

There are hundreds of fitness DVDs on the market now, but my series of choice has always been Davina McCall's. She works closely with a husband and wife team - Jackie and Mark - and, together, they have made (correct me if I'm wrong!) 8 'normal' DVDs so far plus 1 for pregnancy. I've given them all a go and think they're all great in their own right.

Of course, 'celebrity' fitness DVDs aren't going to be for everyone. I am definitely guilty of avoiding some, mostly because I didn't feel like the person believed in what they were selling. But, for me, Davina is the real deal. She's been making these DVDs for nearly a decade and she looks just as incredible now as she did when she started. She really practices what she preaches and for some reason that really spurs me on.

I'm going to do more in-depth reviews on my top 5 Davina DVDs (including the newest, Davina Intense) but, in the meantime, if you like Davina and are looking for new and fun ways to get fit, definitely check these out (Amazon do some great deals on the box sets!).

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