Thursday, 14 March 2013

Addicted to...


Every so often I go through periods of eBay obsession. Right now is one of those times.

I've found that I gravitate towards eBay for several different reasons, but each of them fall under my main motivator which is, of course, saving some pennies. 

Reason 1. I've seen an item on a friend/on a youtuber/on a blog/on a random person on the street and have just HAD TO HAVE IT. 

Exhibit A: H&M Flocked Black Jeans
Saw them on a friend but they were no longer available online *ARRGH*

RRP: £14.99, eBay bargain: £5

Reason 2. I have worn an item of clothing to death, to the point that it is no longer acceptable to wear outside on account of the number of holes it has. 

Exhibit B: Topshop Black Baxter Jeans
I live in black jeans during the winter but Topshop no longer stock my staple Baxter jeans in their Petite section (thanks Topshop)

RRP: (used to be) £40, eBay bargain: £5.99

Reason 3. I really wanted a 'popular' item of clothing but just couldn't justify the hefty price tag when it first came out.

Exhibit C: Topshop Geek T-Shirt

RRP: £18, eBay bargain: £9.50

Reason 4. I want to try a high-end beauty product that I'm pretty sure I'll like but don't want to splash out until I'm sure. 

Exhibit D: Benefit CORALista Blush Sample
Yes, you don't get the pretty packaging but at this price I'm not sure I'm bothered.

RRP: £23.50 for 8g (or £2.94 per gram), eBay bargain: £3.29 for 3g (or £1.10 per gram)

Granted, it does take a bit of leg-work to sift through everything, I have felt close to having several mild heart attacks whilst waiting for the end of auctions, and you won't be successful every time. But(!) I have found some really wonderful things on this website and know I'll continue to hunt down bargains on it for a long time to come!

PS. I should mention that, while I have been very lucky with the buyers I have dealt with and the products I've received, there are some dodgy folk out there who will try to sell you dodgy things. It pays to take the time to read the item description thoroughly and check out the feedback a buyer has received before placing a bid. 

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